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Liz Mara Camachois the founder of "La Chica de la Gorra Rosa". This young Puerto Rican, together with her work team, is dedicated to cleaning residences. It all started when a friend offered him the opportunity to clean his house because Liz was in need of work. Over time, more and more customers continued to be added. But life surprises her with a great little twist, cleaning the first bomb house. And it is at that moment when Liz Mara finds her mission in life, to transform the houses where their owners excessively accumulate objects, garbage and debris.


Through your service I am notIt impeccably transforms the space of the residence, but also renews the hope of his clients, who mostly suffer from compulsive hoarding disorder and deep emotional situations.

Each work is carried out with great sensitivity because it recognizes the great level of vulnerability in which each human being who serves is found.Today La Chica de la Gorra Rosa has established itself as a solid company specializing in thecleaning and transformation of bomb houses.


His work has become popular thanks to exponential reach you have achieved on social media. It has more than 1 million followers what are you waiting for their commented videos about the amazing transformations. Liz tells us that documenting her work on social media is a way to communicate to other hoarders that they are not alone, and that there is a team of caring professionals who are ready to serve them and impact their lives in a special way..

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